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Skylights & Lighting options

incorporating low voltage LED lighting

These recess lights are low profile and only intrude 12mm into the panel and are available in both 120mm and 170mm diameter sizes. They are supplied with 9 meters of cable combinations back to the low voltage driver.

Please contact us​ for more details.

DeltaLowProfile Lights

DeltaLowProfile light





Delta Panels have developed a range of skylights that also incorporate low voltage LED lighting.

This clever unique design is patent protected and only available form Delta Panels. it means that the natural sunlight is allowed to light the under roof area during the day and is replaced by LED lighting in the evenings. There are a various colour and dimming options available to allow the light setting to be customised to suit the desired lighting effect.


The Skylights comes in 4 different versions to suit the following Delta Panel roofing products :


  • DeltaSingle Skylights

  • Insulated Skylights  (DeltaTrim, DeltaOrb & DeltaCool)

Please contact us​ for more details.

DeltaSingle™ Skylights and Insulated Skylights  (DeltaTrim™, DeltaOrb™ & DeltaCool™)

Insulated skylights


Skylight gutter end

Skylight components

Available in 2 sizes the LED panel lights allow for a neat fitting light fitted directly to the under skin of the roof panel, without any loose wires. Minimal heat is generated through the use of safe low voltage LED drivers.

Please contact us​ for more details.

LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights
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