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DeltaCool is the perfect solution to your insulated walling project, with a durable metal skin, factory bonded to a choice of core – Expanded Polystyrene Fire Retardant (EPS-FR), Polyisocyanurate (PIR) or Mineral Wool (MW).

DeltaCool can be used in a variety of applications, including :

  • Cold rooms and freezers

  • Agricultural rooms and buildings

  • Modular buildings

  • Offices and homes

  • Food processing

  • Wineries

DeltaCool for insulated walling projects.

DeltaCool consists of three main components :  a roll-formed metal skin on two sides, factory bonded to a choice of core – Expanded Polystyrene Fire Retardant Grade (EPS-FR), Polyisocyanurate (PIR), Thermosetting Phenolic Composite (TPC) or Mineral Wool (MW).

A range of thicknesses are available, starting at 35mm. Each increase in core thickness offers greater insulating capabilities and additional strength. Two steel thicknesses are also available to suit any application – 0.4mm and 0.6mm.

Expanded Polystyrene Fire Retardant Grade (EPS-FR) offers high R Values for thermal efficiency and excellent sound dampening properties. Its thermal and strength properties can be altered by adjusting the density and carrying the thickness of the core used. EPS-FR due to it’s relative light weight offers excellent spanning properties.


Polyisocyanurate (PIR)  at 0.025 W/mK offer much higher thermal efficiency than Expanded Polystyrene Fire Retardant (EPS-FR) at 0.038W/mK allowing a thinner core to be utilised. The DeltaCool-PIR panels have been tested and certified at the Factory Mutual American facility. In addition the panels are rated Group 1 classification as per AS ISO 9705.

Thermosetting Phenolic Core (TPC) offers excellent spanning and structural strength coupled with a Group 1 fire rating.

Mineral wool is the only available core material that is non-combustible. DeltaCool™-MW meets all performance requirements in accordance with section C1.9 Non-combustible building elements of the National Construction Code 2019.


All DeltaCool panels are 1.2m wide and can be rolled to your required length.

DeltaCool 0.6 is available in different colour options to match the requirements of your project. Colours can be mixed to create a wide range of combinations. DeltaCool 0.4 is available in off-white on both sides.

Fully engineered and tested to Australian Standards, together with a 20 year warranty, DeltaCool will stand the test of time in your insulated walling project

Why choose DeltaCool for your walling project?

  • A single product providing walling and insulation in one

  • Structural and thermal efficiency

  • Light weight

  • Economical

  • Simple design and construction

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