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ROOF  |  DeltaTrimCorro™

DeltaTrimCorro™ combines classical shapes of corrugated and trapezoid metal roofing sandwiching a foam core in various thicknesses. With excellent insulating properties and spanning capabilities compared to traditional roofing products, DeltaTrimCorro™ is the cost effective and time efficient solution to your commercial roofing project.


DeltaTrimCorro™ consists of three main components :


  • a trapezoid roof sheet

  • a choice of Expanded Polystyrene Fire Retardant Grade (EPS-FR) or Thermosetting Phenolic Composite (TPC)

  • a corrugated ceiling sheet, bonded together from the factory


DeltaTrimCorro™ has foam profiled to match the corrugations on both sides – this reduces corrosion and stops vermin from entering the cavity.


The EPS-FR cores offers lightweight option with good fire ratings and thermal ratings. The Polyisocyanurate core option offers high fire ratings coupled with superior R-values for greater thermal efficiency.


A range of core thicknesses are available from 75mm up to 200mm. Each increase in thickness offers greater spanning and insulating capabilities.

DeltaTrimCorro™-EPS-FR is CodeMark approved.

Certificate CM40309_2.jpg

A DeltaTrimCorro™ roof can be pitched at 2 degrees to create large covered areas with ease. This is due to the increased corrugation depth compared to traditional roofing.


The DeltaTrimCorro™ panel is 1 metre wide which reduces both the number of sheets and time required to lay the roof.


DeltaTrimCorro™ is available in an extensive range of roof colours to match any existing structures, including zinc. All of these colours can be mixed and matched between the top side and underside to create nearly 200 possible combinations.


DeltaMax™ DeltaTrimCorro™ is also available for areas close to salt water. This product offers increased corrosion resistance compared to standard roofing and will outperform all other insulated panel products on the market.


DeltaTrimCorro™ is available with DeltaBeam™.


Fully engineered and tested to Australian Standards, together with a 20 year warranty, DeltaTrimCorro™ will stand the test of time in your roofing project.

Why choose DeltaTrimCorro for your roofing project?

  • A single product providing trapezoid roofing, insulation and corrugated ceiling

  • Classic corrugated look, with modern energy efficiency

  • Superior thermal performance

  • Classical corrugated ceiling for a striking architectural appearance

  • Large spans with less beams and structures required

  • A wide range of thicknesses available

  • Extensive range of roof and ceiling colours

  • DeltaMax™ option available for corrosive environments

Please contact us for more details.

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