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DeltaBeam™ is available in both Steel and Aluminium and is the perfect accessory to complete your patio project.

DELTABEAM Dimensions


The DeltaBeam™ steel beam is a 2-piece roll-formed beam structure that is available in 5 different sizes to create unparalleled flexibility and costs savings. The beam is engineered to achieve very large spans, thereby reducing the number of support posts, opening up the patio space.

Steel Beam range.png

DELTABEAM Specifications


The DeltaBeam™ aluminium beam is part of the Costal Range of patio products specifically designed for corrosive marine environments. The beams are extruded using 6063-T5 grade aluminium with powder coated finish and are available in 2 different sizes.


All DeltaBeams™ are covered by our standard 20 year warranty with site specific warranties available on request. Please refer to the warranty conditions as outlined on our web page.

Why choose DeltaBeam?

  • Delta Beam™ are available in both steel and aluminium for greater design flexibility

  • Clean and striking appearance complements all roof profiles

  • Large spans with less posts creates more open space to enjoy

  • Choose from our standard colour range or powder-coat to suit

  • Full range of accessories available to help complete your DeltaBeam project

  • Available by itself or as a part of a Delta Panels patio or roof kit

Please contact us​ us for more details.

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