DeltaSingle™  |  PATIO

DeltaSingle is a single skin patio solution, designed to improve your outdoor living experience.


Your outdoor space should be stylish and spacious, with simple, clean lines. However, your new patio should also blend seamlessly with your existing house, and provide an extension on your indoor living. That’s why the DeltaSingle design has been inspired by the classical appearance of VJ board, with all of the modern touches that are expected from a patio system.

Choose from a range of roof and ceiling colours for the ultimate in design flexibility and longer spans to create more room for entertaining. Of course, DeltaSingle is available in a wide range of sophisticated, high-gloss paint finishes to enhance your house, and your lifestyle.

DeltaSingle is fully engineered and tested to Australian Standards for peace of mind for years to come. DeltaSingle is also available with DeltaBeam to create the ideal patio space. Both products are available in a complete kit with all accessories, ready for a DIY project, using easy to follow instructions.

DeltaSingle is a single skin patio sheeting solution.

Why choose DeltaSingle for your patio project?

  • Clean, modern look, inspired by VJ Board

  • Large spans with less beams and structures required

  • 2 material gauges available for design flexibility

  • Complete kits available in all colours

  • The perfect extension of your indoor living to the outdoors

  • Range of contemporary colours available

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