Meet our new BDM Colin...

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

A career in medicine was on the cards when Delta Panels’ new Business Development Manager Colin Reye left high school in Bowen in north Queensland and moved to Brisbane.

But after a year of intense study, Colin decided to take a working break, setting him on a completely different path.

That new direction has culminated in 30 year career in the panel supply industry.

“I really enjoyed the work and I was making money, so I decided to stick with it,” Colin explained.

He spent 20 years moving up the ranks before being headhunted to work for various panel supply companies.

In February, Colin joined Delta Panels as its Business Development Manager, with a particular focus on the cool room market.

“Delta has a lot of potential for growth,” he said.

“They are innovative and willing to invest in new products if they see a gap in the market.”

Despite its expansion, Colin said Delta still felt like a family-operated business.

“When I’d been into Delta as a customer, everyone was friendly and helpful,” he said.

“It’s a progressive company. They are also very professional in the way they run the business and the way their treat their staff.”

Colin can be contacted on or 0434 310 938.

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