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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Not long ago insulated panels were only used in butcher shops and cold storage rooms.

Fast forward a few years and demand for non-combustible materials has skyrocketed following the Grenfell tower fire disaster in London and the Queensland Government's ban on combustible cladding.

Insulated panels are now used to build everything from breweries to chicken farms and whole houses. The shift has enabled Delta Panels to position itself as a leader and innovator in fire retardant products.

General Manager Todd Guy said they had been working on a new range of fire safe insulated panels for small and large-scale residential and commercial projects.

“We recognised some time ago that this was a major issue for the construction industry and home-owners," he said.

“The biggest hurdle was developing panels that are fire safe but not too expensive.”

Delta Panels now produces panels incorporating fire safe polyisocyanurate foam, which have been vigorously tested (see video above) and accredited through the US-based insurance company Factory Mutual.

The FM tick of approval was essential, as major international companies won’t build with materials in Australia which do not meet their strict fire safety criteria.

Delta Panels has also developed a lighter, cost effective alternative to polyisocyanurate foam - phenolic composite - which is also fireproof.

Mr Guy said new mixing and coating machines had been installed at Delta's Brisbane plant so that fire-retardant chemicals could be mixed on site.

The Courier-Mail has showcased the work we've been doing to develop innovative solutions to fire safety:

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