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MagnaFlow performance testing

Note: Tests are conducted on a flat panel.

Tested under New Zealand's most demanding environmental conditions and ready for the harsh Australian landscape.

Results from lab tests are backed up with ongoing testing through out New Zealand providing real world testing in demanding industrial & marine environments.


Salt spray


Meets the requirements of AS/NZS2728:2013 Sections 2.8 and 2.10


Humidity resistance


Meets the requirements of AS/NZS2728:2013 Sections 2.8 and 2.9


QUV resistance (durability of coating system)


Meets the requirements of AS/NZS2728:2013 Section 2.8 and Table 2.4


Scratch resistance


Good scratch resistance. Testing includes needle scratch test – no marking of paint surface when a needle with a 2kg weight attached is drawn across. ASTM D5178-13.


Impact resistance


AS/NZS2728:2013 Table 2.2 and Appendix E. No loss of paint adhesion after a test piece is struck on the reverse side with a specified force, in line with the test methodology described in Appendix E.


Bend Test


AS/NZS2728:2013 section 2.6.1 and Appendix F – No loss of adhesion or paint cracking when bent around a diameter equal to five times the thickness of the sheet.


Heat Resistance


Suitable for continuous service up to 100ºC. Continuous service at higher temperatures may cause some colour change and damage to the paint film.