Cold Room Builders

Mark McMenamin from Cold Room Builders is one of Delta's loyal customers. With almost 30 years of experience in the industry, many of them having Delta as a supplier, he has a lot to share when it comes to insulated panels.

"I have started in the panel industry in 1999 working for our family business in NZ. My dad has been in the industry for over 40 years so it was a natural progression to follow his footsteps.

In 2010 we were looking for a new start and also to make my own name, so I moved to Brisbane where I worked for a couple of companies and realised that the market was perfect for me and started Cold Room Builders in 2012."

Cold Room Builders are a small crew of 5 doing a mixture of insulated panels installing and carpentry. Specialised in cold rooms and freezers, they have used delta on every single project!

"COVID-19 has opened up a huge market in clean rooms and Delta has given us guidance and support the whole way to help us win several projects this year. It has given us the opportunity to work directly with owners, helping to keep costs low and having a better control on materials and waste."

Customer experience is something very important to Delta Panels and Mark was able to share with us the reasons of his loyalty. "From day one Delta has treated us like superstars even though we are small. I get instant pricing and orders within a week. Delta also assisted us with a project we did this year for a returned serviceman with terminal cancer, donating panels to line a big shed at his house . Price, service and care. Delta has our business!"

To contact Mark and have your cold room built by them, e-mail

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