It’s like night and day!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Brisbane homeowner Alex McGill says he nearly walked into a glass door because it was so bright after having a new patio roof installed – the first in Australia to include Delta Panels low voltage LED skylights.

The 70 square metre insulated panel roof at his L-shaped Alexandra Hills home was 20 years old and needed replacing.

“Water had penetrated the polystyrene inside the old roof, so it was as heavy as concrete and starting to warp,” Alex explained.

“The old roof panels had been attached to the house using C-channel on the gutter and had very little height or fall. That meant there was no breeze through and it was incredibly dark in the kitchen and three bedrooms at the back of the house.”

Alex has known Delta Panels founder John Guy for over 25 years and welcomed the opportunity to try his latest invention – skylights with in-built LED lighting, designed to easily clip into Delta’s insulated roof panels.

“It’s almost like the lights are on, so much sunshine comes through during the day,” he said.

“At night, the LEDs in the skylight are remote controlled and can be dimmed to suit.”

The new roof was installed by Stratton Patio and Decks. Director Sam Rigoli said Delta’s LED skylights were unique on the market.

“They are very easy to install and watertight,” Sam said. “People with insulated roofs worry about blocking light into the house but using these gives you plenty of light, day and night.”

Mr McGill said the only problem now was the light streaming through revealed other areas needing repair around the house!

Delta LED skylights can be made in any length up to 11 metres and in any thickness.

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