Community amphitheatre revitalises town centre

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

A new community amphitheatre has revitalised the Moranbah Town Centre, in central Queensland, after a series of extreme weather events left the former shade structure damaged beyond repair.

Commissioned by the Isaac Regional Council, the 350 square metre, award-winning structure was built using Delta Panel’s cyclone-rated insulated panels.

General Manager of Delta Panels, Todd Guy, said it was great to be involved in such a unique project.

“The architect had designed the structure to hang over the space without the use of support beams,” Todd said.

“We worked closely with Hutchinson Builders, Stramit Mackay and the installer (Reed Plumbing Installations) to develop a unique support system to suit the architect’s underslung design, creating an open and functional event and entertainment space.”

The project was completed in April 2019, just in time for local ANZAC Day Services. Since then, several events have been held under the new shade structure including the Mayor’s Charity Ball.

Hutchinson Builders won a Best Rural and Remote Construction Award from Master Builders Queensland.

Adrian Schuldt from Stramit Mackay said it was a challenging project to work on.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a structure like this built using insulated panels, cantilevered from the underside,” Adrian said.

“There are very few examples of it being done, so it took a lot of planning to bring the architect’s vision to life.

“It was a certainly a challenge to get each 17.5 metre panel in place but we were really pleased with the finished product.”

Installer Bruce Reed from Reed Plumbing Industries said the support from Delta’s sales and technical team was outstanding.

“It was our first-time using Delta products and we felt well supported from quoting stage through to installation. We highly recommend the product and Delta Panels.”

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